Tom Brady Is Likely To Restructure His Contract Following The 2019 Season, But No Need To Panic

The main stream media wishes to freak everyone out of the possibility of Tom Brady hitting Free Agency following the 2019 season. Rest assured he will be a member of the Patriots until his playing career is over. At this point in his career Tom Brady is only hanging on to win more rings.

With the way the contract was written, Tom Brady is highly likely to void the remaining 2 years of the deal following this season. This will also impact the Patriots salary cap in the future. If Brady decides to continue playing following this season, and remains among the best in the league, you can be sure Brady and the Patriots will restructure another deal giving the team the best possibilities to succeed.

Brady, talked about his future earlier today.

“There’s a lot of guys who have one year left on their contracts,” Brady said following Monday’s joint practice with the Detroit Lions. “I’ve got one year to go and we’ll see what happens.”

It is only logical the Patriots would proceed with caution giving Brady’s age.

“It’s really the reality for most guys in the NFL,” Brady said. “I don’t want to think I’m any different than anyone else. Football is a tough business. It’s a production business. I’m ready to go this year and that’s really what matters. That’s where my focus is. It’s a unique situation I’m in. I’m in my 20th year with the same team. I’m 42 years old, so pretty much uncharted territory I think for everybody. I’m going to go out there and do the best I can this year and see what happens.”

What I conclude from all this is, if Brady wishes to continue playing until he is 45 following this season they will rework a new deal to give the team the best possible chance to win another Super Bowl. We already know Brady isn’t hanging around for money. He certainly isn’t going to leave the Patriots for another team after building up a legendary legacy in New England. Regardless of how much nonsense you hear in the media this season, Tom Brady isn’t going anywhere. Don’t believe the hype.