Tom Brady Is Doing His Best To Frighten Patriots Fans With His Latest Video

Tom Brady is gearing up for another family vacation in Montana. As some may remember his last ski trip didn’t go over so well as he took a big spill after miscalculating a ski jump and hurt his left shoulder. It appears Brady is hell-bent on stepping up his game only this time he plans on going bigger and faster. Now this isn’t the first time that Tom has tried to go extreme, he dove off a cliff a few years ago. Personally, I would like to see the Patriots cryofreeze or put Tom in bubble wrap for the entire offseason. All too often star athletes get hurt doing dumb shit in their free time that costs them time on the field. Most teams can tell their layers what they can and can not do but, Tom has a lot more say than the average star in his offseason activities. Patriots fans can only hope he plays it safe.