Tom Brady Definitely Plans On Playing Against Aaron Rodgers Again in 2022

When Tom Brady says he plans on playing until he is 45 he really means it. Brady has repeated this numerous times and there has never been a player more driven to win in the history of the NFL. Following last nights game Brady said he fully intends to be around for the 2022 game between Brady and Rodgers.

Brady still sounds very much like a long-termer Sunday night, reveling in this win. “I’d like to go till I’m 45,” Brady said. “I know I said that hundred times, and no one believes me. But I mean, I feel good. I could go play another game tomorrow. I know what to do. It’s fun. What else would you rather do than run out in front of 70,000 people and throw a football?”

Brady is 41 years old now and Rodgers turns 35 years old in December. It is entirely possible that Rodgers may end up retiring before Brady. I can imagine Brady making it to 45 and asking Gisele for a few more seasons. There is no quit in Tom Brady.