There Is No Guarantee The Patriots Would Have Paid That Price For Jimmy Garoppolo

There has been a lot of questioning if the Patriots made the right decision to trade Jimmy Garoppolo to the San Francisco 49ers midseason for a 2nd round draft pick. The reality is Jimmy was never willing to wait in the wings and the Patriots certainly were never willing to pay the price. Garoppolo just received the highest salary in football yesterday from the 49ers and it is doubtful it would have happened with the Patriots. Belichick and the Patriots simply do not spend big money on unknown talent.

The Patriots have been among the most frugal spenders since Bill Belichick came back to town. Jimmy G’s new 5 year deal for 137 million is well out of the Patriots reach and certainly out of what Belichick would ever spend an a player with little experience. Had Tom Brady retired the Patriots would have probably had to franchise Jimmy but I am not even sure Belichick would have gone that route. The Patriots would have been forced to pay Garoppolo the average salary of the top 5 highest paid quarterbacks.

The secret to the Patriots long-term success has been their ability to find guys that are willing to play below market value. When it comes to playing below market value, there is no player in the league more valuable than Tom Brady. With age questions aside this was an absolute no brainer to move on from Jimmy. The Patriots have limited cap space as it is with only $17 million available. Losing Jimmy for a 2nd rounder may actually turn out to be a blessing.

Regardless of what recently suspended media hack Ron Borges was trying to say earlier in his false report on the front and back covers of the Boston Herald. Borges was catfished by a WEEI listener posing as Brady and Garoppolo’s agent Don Yee. Tom Brady has been the savior of this team in more ways than one, especially when it comes to the salary cap. Brady has restructured his contract every season to give the Patriots the best opportunity to win. Let’s face it Tom is set for multiple lifetimes and he doesn’t even wear the pants in his family. Brady is worth about 180 million compared to Gisele’s 360 million. Money is a non factor when it comes down to Tom playing.

The bottom line is Don Yee has been Brady’s agent for years and there is no way he was to take a home town discount with Jimmy. Jimmy’s value to the Patriots can be argued for years but, there was no guarantee that Garoppolo would have ever had a long-term future in New England.