The Patriots Made A Move To Guarantee Josh Gordon Remains With The Team In 2019

Bill Belichick has seen enough out of WR Josh Gordon that he is willing to give him another opportunity should he be cleared to play. The Patriots assigned an original-round tender to restricted free agent Josh Gordon.
The tender will pay him $2.025 million assuming he is able to get reinstated. Because he entered the league as a second-round pick, that is what teams will have to give up in order to sign him away.

A great move by Belichick. There is no chance any team would be willing to take that kind of risk on Gordon by giving up a 2nd rounder. Gordon also has every intention of coming back to the Patriots. This is his comfort zone and if he can work through his off field issues and get reinstated, this could be a huge deal for the Pats and Gordon. Flash is very grateful for another opportunity and quickly thanked the Patriots organization.