The Fastest Man In The World Usain Bolt Says He Would Play For the Patriots If They Call Him

Bill Belichick may want to give a call to Usain Bolt, who is the fastest man alive, after his comments about whether he would give the NFL a try. A few years back NFL teams did pursue him but Bolt was not interested at the time.
The record breaking Jamaican sprinter said he would love play in the NFL but only if he got a call from the New England Patriots or Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.
When asked about his interest in playing his response was,

“If the Patriots or Aaron Rodgers call me,” Bolt said. “If they call me, I’m ready!”

This seems like the perfect project for Belichick. Although Bolt is now on the wrong side of 30, he can still blow by any defense and if he can catch the ball would create a serious distraction to opposing defenses.
The 6’5″ Bolt still runs a 4.2-second 40-yard dash which is intriguing enough to check out.