Talentless Loser Rob Parker Is Upset The Patriots “Gave Out Welfare” To Tom Brady

Rob Parker is back at it doing the only thing he knows to keep his name relevant. Parker has built his entire career off of hating on Tom Brady. Now Parker is so upset that he got a raise, he is claiming the Patriots are giving Tom Brady welfare.

Parker loves to nitpick anything Tom Brady and the Patriots do. This time he is calling out Brady’s new contract

“I didn’t know the Patriots were giving out welfare,” Parker said. “Why in the world does Tom Brady need a raise? The last guy who put up Super Bowl numbers like that as a quarterback was shown the door ,Peyton Manning.

“… Tom Brady got the owner, Robert Kraft, bamboozled,” Parker added. “He is convinced, that they are doing away with everything that they have done in New England which has kept them relevant so long. Get rid of people a year or two early rather than a year or two late. That’s what they have always done to everybody except Tom Brady. “… The bottom line is, Tom Brady, again, wins a Super Bowl, gets credit like he did everything in a 13-3 game. Shannon, this man has won a total of two Super Bowls with one touchdown.”

First off comparing age Brady’s age 41 season to Peyton Manning’s age 39 season is ridiculous. Brady may not have had his best season but he wasn’t exactly showing signs of being finished either. Brady finished the season with 4,355 yards 29 TDs against 11 interceptions and a 97.7 QB rating which was slightly above his career average.

Manning on the other hand was completely washed up in his final season, and was even benched 6 games. Peyton finished the 2015 season with 2,249 yards 9 TDs and 17 interceptions with a 67.9 QB rating.

Parker is trying to compare a tight defensive battle in one game. Sure they both won a Super Bowl, but the difference is Brady carried the Patriots to the big game, while Manning was actually holding that Broncos team back. The only logical conclusion is , Rob Parker is a babbling idiot. If you keep betting against time, eventually you will be right, but this clown has been wrong for years. This is the kind of bulletin board material that pushes Tom even further.

Brady has earned every cent of his new deal. He has earned a lifetime of gratitude from the entire Patriots organization and the millions of Patriots fans around the world.

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