Spy-Gate, Deflate-Gate, Where’s the Ref-Gate?

With the spotlight on the NFL’s rule on what is a catch, the Patriots of course, are in the center of heated discussions everywhere about the Steelers touchdown catch and call reversal towards the very end of the unbelievable game between the New England and Pittsburgh last Sunday.

NFL’s competition committee will most likely revisit the catch rule this offseason since the interpretation of the rule is still highly questionable. Here is the crucial play.

The Patriots got the benefit of the call bringing the haters out in full force even though it clearly was the right call, but this wasn’t the only controversy with the rule and the Patriots this season.

Back in September, Brandin Cooks made this amazing game-winning catch at the end of the Patriots and Texans shootout.

This call was also reviewed but was not overturned and stayed as a Patriots TD. Take a look at a closer angle and try to see the difference in the rule interpretation from the Pittsburgh no catch call. Cooks clearly had possesion as the ball hit the ground which is a catch.

Honorable mention for another ridiculous accusation against the Patriots was also this year in the super bowl rematch against the Falcons, which was termed FOG-GATE.