Shannon Sharpe Is Hating On Tom Brady Again Over Comments He Studied For The Chargers All Night

Old horse face Shannon Sharpe is once again showing his jealousy of Tom Brady. Sharpe who is often critical of Brady’s greatness is now upset that he talked about staying up all night to study for the upcoming divisional playoff game against the Chargers.

“Now all of a sudden this is the most important week for Tom Brady?” asked Sharpe. “It’s not important for Drew Brees or Patrick Mahomes? So now, only Tom Brady is this week important for? Oh, he’s studying film. If you don’t mind me asking, what was Drew Brees doing? Tom Brady wants us to believe he’s the only one that studies film.
“You think he watch more film than Peyton Manning?

But Peyton Manning wasn’t out there telling you he watches film or stayed up all night studying. He still has more touchdowns than Tom Brady.”

It comes as no surprise that Sharpe would choose Manning over Brady. Some people are born to hate and regardless of what Brady accomplishes he will never be satisfied.