Shannon Sharpe Attacks Tom Brady For His Fake Retirement Video

Notorious Patriots hater Shannon Sharpe didn’t find humor in Tom Brady’s latest video release.
Tom Brady posted a fake retirement video to Instagram this week, in honor of crossing the 1,000-yard rushing milestone. Brady said it was the last achievement he wanted to accomplish, and is now content to walk away from the game.

Shannon Sharpe who has always had it in for the Patriots dating back to his playing days was quick to call Brady out as though it is his job to go against him whatever he may do. . “Hated it,” Sharpe said. “Tom, you’re not funny. You’re not funny. He’s corny. You’re golly, shucks, gee whiz. Peyton Manning is funny, hence the ‘Saturday Night Live,’ you see him in his commercials. He’s funny. Tom, that’s not you. Stay in your lane, do what you do.”

Personally I think all of Patriots Nation would disagree with Shannon assessment. The guy is a babbling buffoon and I would love to let him know about what I think about his position on Brady’s humor. And he thinks Peyton Manning is funny? The only funny thing about Peyton is his the abnormal oversized forehead he got from taking the HGH that he has shipped to his wife. Unfortunately Shannon won’t be hearing from me anytime soon because he can not handle getting back what he dishes out.