Rob Gronkowski Is Ready To Go Out With A Bang In What May Be His Final Home Game

Rob Gronkowski isn’t taking anything for granted on Sunday in what could be his final home game with the Patriots. Injuries have taken their toll on the legendary tight end but he isn’t about to make any excuses for a down year by his standards.

“It’s the game of football, there are no room for excuses,” Gronkowski said, “Everyone is dealing with something. You just have to keep on moving forward, you have to find a way. That is what makes this game great. You have to be mentally and physically prepared at all times to keep on going.”

Asked if he was feeling healthy, Gronk replied: “Yeah, going into the playoff, just had a bye week, practice is going well. I’m doing what the coaches are asking me to do. So, just getting ready for a game Sunday.”

“It’s a new season right now, the playoffs,” Gronkowski said on Thursday. “So, whatever I’ve got going forward is what I’m going to give, for sure.” Gronk isn’t worried about what the future holds, “My mindset is all focus on the Chargers. Biggest game of the year.”

There is no doubt in my mind that Gronk will be fully prepared to give it his all. The Patriots were able to keep him healthy enough to get to this point and hopefully he has a little left in the tank. There is no guarantee what Gronk will decide to do once the season is over but for now let’s all hope we get a chance to see the greatest tight end in NFL history for 3 more games.

If this is indeed Gronk’s final season, it would be great to see him go out with a bang! This classic clip of Gronk spiking the ball to the 1812 Overture is certain to speed up your heartbeat.