Rob Gronkowski Created An Emoji Of Bill Belichick For Pats Fans To Use On Social Media

Rob Gronkowski still has a lot of love for the New England Patriots and had a message for his former coach after he saw him do something he claims he has never seen in his entire career with the Patriots.

When Belichick was toying with the Jets the other night late in the game to gain more space for Jake Bailey to punt, the Jets rejected him. Bill showed a rare sign of emotion with a classic smirk but everyone knew he was holding in the laughter.

Gronk obviously got a kick out of it and said,

“Through nine seasons, and even three Super Bowls, I’ve never seen you with such pure joy on the field.”

Gronk thought so much of it that he created a Bill Belichick emoji. This should be easily identifiable for all Patriots fans to use often on social media when engaging against the haters.