Rob Gronkowski Claims He Has Suffered At Least 20 Concussions During His Career

Recently retired Patriots star Rob Gronkowski admitted to having upwards of 20 concussions, including five where he blacked out completely. If this is true, it is probably a good idea that Gronk stays retired. Gronk has forever cemented his legend in New England and he owes us nothing.

Gronk spoke about the subject during a CBS interview on Tuesday when asked if he’d let his children play football.

“I will let my son play football, but first, I will educate him on the game, educate him on what I went through,” Gronk said during a recent sit-down interview with CBS News. “I truly believe that anything, any injury that you receive is fixable, though. I went through my career and probably had like 20 concussions in my life. No lie. I remember like five blackout ones.”