Rex Ryan Says This Is The Worst Patriots Team He Has Ever Seen

Rex Ryan has been a long time rival of the New England Patriots and the famed foot lover was more than happy to call the dynasty dead after last nights disappointing loss to the Houston Texans. Ryan is calling this seasons version of the Patriots the worst Bill Belichick coached team he’s seen.

“And I said it last year and they were, I swear to God they were, and they still won the Super Bowl,”. “Right now, I’m like, ‘Hey, this is the worst Patriots team I’ve ever seen’ Part 2.”
“New England doesn’t scare anybody anymore, and it’s because of that. There is no talent out there,” Ryan said. “I mean, Julian Edelman’s your best player. He’s a slot receiver, and then James White is your second-best player? There’s nobody else.”

The Patriots offense is obviously not clicking at the moment but still better than anything Rex Ryan has ever put out on the field. The real question is if the Patriots will be able to rebound once the playoff starts. It seems like media and fans have been calling them dead in the water for years now and they still have found a way to win 3 Super Bowl games in the last 5 years.

Ryan thinks the Patriots need to put it in Tom Brady’s hands if they are to stand a chance.

“Whatever Tom Brady has left, because here’s the thing: We talk about their weapons and everything else, but they can’t run the football, and that’s it,” he said. “And they don’t protect the quarterback. So, to me, it’s you’re out there because you have the greatest of all time, you’ve got the smartest quarterback that’s ever played and the best coach, and so that gives them a chance. They have to get a bye and they have to play at home.”

We have been down this road enough times to know better than to count this team out. This team will have to get it together and once again take on the adversity that faces them. The offense does need some work, but Rex completely ignores the defense and special teams phases of the game, each are more than Super Bowl caliber. It might be a tough loss to swallow but with the coaching staff and the veteran leadership, this team is far from finished.