Red Sox Legendary Slugger David Ortiz Has Some Advice For Tom Brady About When He Should Retire

Former Red Sox great David Ortiz has some advice for Tom Brady on when he should decide to hang up his cleats.

“I have to give a call to Tom, and I would be like, ‘Bro, don’t go anywhere because you have no pain,'” he said.
Ortiz said he speaks to the Patriots quarterback occasionally, but he’s never asked him for advice on retirement.

“He’s never asked me that question, but if he did I would be like, ‘Shut the hell up. You have many years to go still,’” he said.

Ortiz added: “Let’s keep one thing in mind. This guy takes care of himself better than anybody I have ever seen. The way this guy eats, they way he gets prepared, they way he physically takes care of himself.”

The two future hall of famers have long supported each other. Big Papi is also predicting a big win tomorrow and thinks that we should cue the duck boats.