Pre-emptive Strike on Patriots No Shows Tomorrow as Camp Opens

No reason for the social media panic, false reporting and conspiracy theories and all the rest of the madness that will soon begin pouring into our favorite websites and media pages so here comes a pre-emptive strike trying to set your mind at peace. The GOAT, our beloved QB, Tom Brady and star TE Rob Gronkowski will NOT be attending the first day of the New England Patriots offseason program which begins tomorrow according to sources.

Tom Brady has been on a trip to Qatar showing support for our troops as a great thank you for their service to our country and apparently riding around on camels as some great pictures have surfaced. This was a scheduled and approved business trip and he was expected to not report at the beginning of camp. Rob Gronkowski situation is a little trickier as he apparently still considering whether to play in the upcoming season.

This is a voluntary offseason program that begins tomorrow and no reason to push the panic button as reports will begin to surface about players not in attendance. Coach Belichick stated last week, “It will be heavily attended, but I know there are a couple of players that I’ve talked to that have other commitments, but that’s the way it always is. So, not really anything new there.”

Rest assured Patriots faithful, the Blitz for Six is coming!!