Philip Rivers Recalls A Hilarious Halftime Speech Bill Belichick Made At The Pro Bowl

The Pro Bowl has lost it’s luster with many fans but that doesn’t mean everyone is taking the game as a complete joke. Bill Belichick’s competitive spirit is certainly never to be taken lightly. Los Angeles Chargers quarterback had an interesting story to tell when he spoke with reporters on Wednesday. Rivers shared a funny about Bill Belichick’s halftime speech while the AFC was getting crushed in the 2011 Pro Bowl.

“My one interaction with Coach Belichick was actually at halftime, the one that stands out. It was a great week. I’ll just tell you a funny story, but it was a great week just being around him,” Rivers said. “I do remember at halftime of the Pro Bowl game we were getting killed. I think it was me and Peyton [Manning] and … [Matt] Cassel. So, me, Peyton and Cassel and we’re getting blown out at halftime and he kind of called us all up and said, ‘Hey, we can tackle. I know it’s the Pro Bowl and all of that but can we tackle somebody today? Let’s just go out and make this a little bit respectable in the second half.’

“And then he looked over at us quarterbacks and we had all thrown an interception,” Rivers continued. “Thank goodness I wasn’t the only one and he said, ‘It would help if you guys would stop throwing it to the other team.’ I got a kick out of that because I’m sitting there with Peyton Manning and Cassel and if Peyton’s not my all-time favorite, one of. I was glad I wasn’t the only one that had thrown it to the other team. I thought that was pretty good. I got fussed out at halftime of the Pro Bowl.”