Pedro Martinez Is Brought To Tears In An Emotional Statement About What David Ortiz Means To Him

Pedro Martinez delivered a powerful message Monday night on the MLB Network to discuss what David Ortiz means to him, to baseball and perhaps more importantly the world. Pedro was unable to hold back tears as he opened up about Big Papi, who is one of his best friends. Pedro spoke about how disappointed he is that someone would be trying to take the life of someone that has worked so hard to save so many lives. Papi’s heroics have gone well beyond the baseball field and he is seen as a national hero to many in the Dominican Republic. The world is a much better place with people like David Ortiz in it, and thankfully he will be staying with us.

We have been lucky to have some of the biggest stars in the history of professional sports come through New England but very few have meant as much to the community than Big Papi, he is literally on the Mt. Rushmore of Boston sports heroes, and Papi was there for the community when we needed him the most. We will be there for him now.

Ortiz landed in Boston last night and was taken by police escort to Mass General Hospital, hopefully Papi recovers quickly but it is good to know he is safe in a city that will take care of him to the fullest.