Patriots Selling Underdog Shirts After Not Being Favored In Game For First Time in Over 3 Years

The New England Patriots are having fun throwing shade at the idea that they are now the underdogs to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl. Julian Edelman has decided to market the “Bet Against Us” t-shirt in an attempt to mock those that have said the Patriots have no chance of advancing. This proud dynasty has been hearing crap all year from the naysayers, including some of their own fans that they are not a real contender. The Patriots are clearly feeding off of it heading into Sundays game with the Chiefs.
The Patriots are 3 point underdogs Sunday in one of the toughest places in the league to play, Arrowhead Stadium.

Despite this, Tom Brady and the Patriots are going all in on the underdog theme, bringing it up in postgame interviews, posting about it on social media, making hype videos, and now taking it to a whole new level by beginning to sell merchandise.