Patriots Are Expected To Be Loaded With Picks In The Top 3 Rounds In The 2019 NFL Draft

The Patriots should be entering the 2019 NFL Draft well stocked with 6 picks projected in the first 3 rounds. Thanks to a little foresight by Bill Belichick in the draft last season along with some compensation picks for offseason losses they could not afford to keep, the Patriots training camp next summer could be filled with many exciting young players. A few players will also be joining them from the 2018 draft. 1st rounder left tackle Isaiah Wynn and 2nd round pick, cornerback Duke Dawson missed this season with injuries but will also be a welcome addition to next years team. The Patriots are currently projected to pick up 2 extra 3rd round picks for the loss of Nate Solder and Malcolm Butler as well as a 5th round compensation pick for Danny Amendola.

Bill Belichick made some wise moves with cap space being a major issue last season. Instead of trying to bring a couple expensive guys back for 1 more run the Patriots should be setup to give it a go well into the immediate future. Expect the Patriots to find Tom Brady’s eventual successor in the upcoming draft, but then again if he gets close to playing when he is 45, Brady might set his next goal to 50.