Multiple Videos Surface Of Someone Pointing A Laser At Tom Brady During The AFC Championship

Fans around the league love to point out any instance where they believe the Patriots may skirt the rules but any foul play from yesterday’s game clearly came from Chiefs fans.
The Chiefs likely have the biggest homefield advantages in the NFL, but were seeking an illegitimate advantage during AFC Championship.

According to Ryan Hannable, William Joy of Kansas City-based KMBC posted two videos to Twitter from the game where it seems a laser pointer was pointed in Tom Brady’s face. The first time was on the play following Julian Edelman’s near muffed punt and just prior to his second interception. The second was on a pass to Chris Hogan at some other point in the game, but likely the second half.
Joy reached out to the Chiefs, the Patriots and the NFL, but they all said they were not aware of it.

I wonder if this will turn into a national crisis like Deflategate? Fans have gone as far as to blame Bill Belichick of using fog machines, like he has control of the weather. Every and any excuse turns into a national outrage but very often dismissed as uneventful when anything happens to the Patriots.