Mookie Betts Gets A Big Surprise During An Onfield Interview

Mookie Betts the Red Sox star right fielder was doing a live mic’s up interview with the ESPN booth for todays spring training game with the Chicago Cubs when he got a surprise you don’t see everyday. MLB’s idea was genius during last years All Star game and after what happened today we definitely need more of this. Betts was chatting about his golf swing and putting it on display for the camera’s but what would follow will go down as one of the Red Sox funniest moments.

The interview concluded when Cubs 3rd baseman Kris Bryant sent a laser to right field over Mookie’s head and you could hear Mookie crack up and say “I ain’t getting this one boys”. the announcers burst out laughing and told Mookie to “get on your horse” and “don’t miss the cutoff. Bryant ended up with a stand up triple.