Mohamed Sanu Uses A Customized Football Launcher To Fire Footballs Over His House To Field Punts

Many football players have their own training methods, but none look as interesting as the one New England Patriors WR Mohamed Sanu uses in the offseason. Sanu uses a customized football launcher, known as the Seeker that can send footballs flying over his house to simulate punts. Although not knowing exactly when the ball is coming certainly adds to Sanu needing to use his instincts as well.

he Seeker, which is made by made by Dallas-based sports robotics company Monarc, also simulates quarterback throws. If you have any spare change laying around the Seeker can be had for $38,000.

Sanu, who was hampered by injuries last season, had only 26 receptions for 207 yards and a touchdown in his eight games with the Patriots last season. Sanu has overcome his offseason surgery and has reportedly been working harder than ever to have a big comeback season this year.