Max Kellerman Makes Another Idiotic Claim Suggesting Tom Brady Has Already Fallen Off The Cliff

Max Kellerman is putting on the blinders again and calling Tom Brady the worst quarterback remaining in the AFC playoffs. Many moons ago Max Kellerman suggested that Tom Brady would fall off the cliff but Brady denied him with back to back Super Bowl appearances as well as being named league MVP last season. Eventually time will catch up with Tom Brady but this probably isn’t the best time to go betting against him. Give me Brady’s big game experience alone any day over the other quarterbacks still in the AFC pool. There is nothing to suggest that Brady couldn’t have put up greater numbers. The reason behind what some may consider to be a slowdown is the Patriots have shifted to a power running game which obviously eats up the clock quicker along with a lack of healthy weapons at receiver positions. I can’t wait to see Tom make a fool of Max once again, and make sure he never cures his foot in mouth disease.