Matthew Slater Issues An Apology To Patriots Fans For A Disappointing Season

New England Patriots captain Matthew Slater apologized to fans for the Patriots disappointing record this season. Although things did not work out the way we are used to in New England, Slater does not owe us an apology. There were a lot of things that held the Patriots back this season, but effort was not one of them. The talent just was not there like in years past. This was not the same as the 2013 Chicken and Beer Red Sox team that should have been competing to win it all, but self destructed by their own doing. Regardless, Matt Slater is the kind of classy guy that issued an apology anyway.

“I know that a lot of you are disappointed in the season that we had, just as much as we are. We’re sorry we didn’t represent ourselves in a better way in terms of wins and losses,” Slater said Wednesday. “There’s never going to be a moment in time where we settle for this type of season, this type of outing. Like I said, the leadership we have here is always going to push this organization to be great, and to be great in all areas. That’s not going to change Sunday, and that’s not going to change moving forward.

“So stick with us. I know the demands are high, as they should be, and that’s why we love you guys so much. But stick with us, and we’ll keep fighting.”