LeGarrette Blount has Classic Response to Upcoming Pep Talk from Brett Favre

On Thursday, the two-time Super Bowl Champion winner and former Patriots running back who now is suiting up for the Philadelphia Eagles, was asked if he has any questions to ask Brett Favre who will make an appearance on Saturday to have an inspirational chat with the team at their hotel.

I thought that was a great response and obviously he was just being funny, but the backlash of course came at him quickly since having a sense of humor nowadays is difficult? Blount felt forced to respond:

People do need to lighten up. It’s not like he mentioned any number of things that I thought of when I heard Brett Favre is going to give a motivational speech.

I’m not sure there is anyone out there that the Eagles could bring in to give a speech that doesn’t have an impending doom flavor to it, but good luck as you will need it against an incredible opponent. Maybe this guy could inspire you. You are missed Chris Farley.