Kyle Van Noy Fired Some Direct Shots At Max Kellerman And Wants Rob Parker Deported

Kyle Van Noy and Sony Michel got a chance to fire back at an extremely arrogant Max Kellerman this morning. For the last few seasons they have had to listen to Max talk shit about Tom Brady falling off a cliff and trying to downplay Brady’s on field heroics.

Van Noy clearly got into Kellerman’s head today with his response after Kellerman asked him “You’re saying I’m wrong about Tom Brady being in decline?”

“I’ll take his wet noodle arm any day,” Van Noy said, “He’s good at what he does. He is an excellent communicator, he’s excellent at what he does. He gets everybody orchestrated and runs the offense to the best of his ability with Josh McDaniels.

“For him to have on the other side with Sony and the other weapons we have at receiver – we know as a defense, we’ve just got to keep giving him the ball. Any chance we can get the ball back in their arms, we know they’re eventually going to score, and that’s exactly what they did in the Super Bowl. We knew if we kept getting stops, we knew they were eventually going to score, and they eventually did, and we won the game. Again.”

Of course Kellerman had an arrogant response as usual “Just makes me sick.” Van Noy was obviously loving the fact that he got to Kellerman ant turned to fellow guest Sony Michel and said, “He’s so mad!”

It is obviously going to be a long offseason considering how dug in this clown is. Patriots nation needs to send Kellerman a message that will resonate with him real soon. Kellerman needs to stick to boxing and STFU about football, a sport he obviously knows very little about.