Kyle Van Noy Claims Bill Belichick Shot Him In The Face During A Paintball Outing

Bill Belichick decided to switch things up yesterday. Instead of holding two scheduled practice sessions he decided it was time for the team to play on a different field. Belichick took the team on a to a paintball match instead.

Linebacker Kyle Van Noy hilariously revealed in a Twitch livestream with teammate Dont’a Hightower that Belichick shot him in the face.

“I got hit, I’m telling you,” Van Noy told Dont’a Hightower “This paintball hit me in the mask, and the mask hit my tooth and my shit still hurts.”

Hightower pressed Van Noy to tell the viewers who shot him with the paintball,
“Bill got my ass,” he said.

It is always safe to bet on Belichick for the win.