Kyle Van Noy Admits Pats Heard Bills Trash Talk Heading Into Week 4 Game

During the week leading up to the Week 4 showdown with the Patriots, Bills offensive tackle Dion Dawkins was asked about the Patriots’ success on defense to start the year, and he noted they haven’t played the Bills yet.

“It’s really all about us,” said Dawkins on Wednesday before the game. “We don’t care what they’ve done the games before because they haven’t played us yet. Once they play us and if it doesn’t change then that’s when y’all could start talking.”

After the Patriots forced four interceptions and sacked Bills quarterbacks five times to extend the team’s record to 4-0, New England linebacker Kyle Van Noy responded to Dawkins.

“Just wanted to make sure Dawkins knew who we were,” Van Noy said.

Later on in the interview, Van Noy was asked a follow-up on what he had said earlier. He said, “If someone said they didn’t know who you are after what we’ve been doing, would you be like, ‘What have you been watching?’”

Did Van Noy use Dawkins’ words as motivation? He said, “Just smile. Look at the score and what we did on defense,”

Van Noy finished his dominating defensive effort with eight tackles, two sacks and a forced fumble as the Patriots held on for a 16-10 win to move to 4-0.