Karma Strikes Back: Indy Beat Writer Who Started Deflategate Story Fired

WTHR-13 TV has laid off sports columnist Bob Kravitz, but in the wake of the news, the longtime journalist said he hopes to “annoy this city for years to come.”
Kravitz, who left IndyStar in 2014 to join the station, declined to provide a comment Tuesday. He spent 14 years as a columnist for IndyStar.

The only surprising thing is it took so long to remove this garbage reporter who started a witch hunt and being the NFL’s mouthpiece to justify railroading the greatest organization, and the greatest player of all time, in the league. Normally I would not celebrate someone else’s misfortunes but Kravitz clearly took pride in making America hate the Patriots. Kravitz initially reported that it was every ball and got a myriad of facts wrong and never recinded his claims. There will always be a warm spot for Kravitz in hell as far as Patriots fans are concerned.

Kravitz is credited with breaking the Deflategate story, reporting that NFL officials were investigating the possibility the New England Patriots deflated footballs ahead of their 47-5 win over the Colts in 2015.