John Farrell Fired, Candidate Rumors Begin

As of today, John Farrell is no longer the manager of the Boston Red Sox. It would be easy to start listing a variety of reasons on why this happened, but today it will just be a, “Thank you for some amazing memories!”

As quickly as the Red Sox 2017 Postseason came and went as did the firing of the manager. With this, candidates have begun to emerge, as a swift hiring may be in the plans. Here are some unofficial rumored candidates that have been speculated on as potential replacements:

  • Brad Ausmus
  • Torey Lovillo
  • Alex Cora
  • Ron Gardenhire
  • Jason Varitek
  • Mike Redmond
  • Brad Mills

Red Sox Team President Dave Dombrowski now has some serious work to do, with this pool of candidates and all the others that throw their hats in, to find the right person to lead Red Sox Nation into the future.

David Ortiz weighs in on John Farrell:


Despite the polarizing image of David Ortiz sitting between Alex Rodriguez and Keith Hernandez, maybe the idea for the next candidate just came in. With the candidate list, at least so far, not having any big game changing names perhaps the next manager of the Boston Red Sox should be a bold and exciting move to get the fans instantly eager to see.

Jason Varitek? Alex Cora?


No, let’s go with  Big Papi, David Ortiz.