Jimmy “Claus” Garoppolo Delivers An Early Christmas Present To The Patriots

Was this part of Bill Belichick’s master plan all along? Surely he must have seen the upstart Jacksonville Jaguars in the rearview mirror. What could be a better way to eliminate the competition than to move your stud backup quarterback that you could no longer afford after the season ends? I find it hard to believe this scenario didn’t cross our evil geniuses mind and it came to fruition today as Jimmy G lead his new team the San Francisco 49ers to an unlikely nail biting victory over a perennial powerhouse Jaguars squad in a 44-33 final. This guarantees the Patriots a First Round Bye and the Patriots would clinch home field advantage with a win vs the Jets next weekend or a Pittsburgh Steelers loss in their final 2 games.

Garoppolo clearly had the Jaguars frustrated in the way Tom Brady has routinely sent the opposition to the edge of the cliff since 2001. The Jaguars unraveled with numerous unsportsmanlike conduct penalties that proved to be their undoing. Jimmy has learned well from the master and is reshaping the future of the NFC West with his recent play since being traded from the Patriots. He finished 21/30 for 242 yards and 2 touchdowns against the leagues #1 ranked defense.

As sad as it was to see Jimmy go it is great to see he is still helping the Patriots towards their 6th ring. Some will say we could have gotten more than a 2nd round pick for him but you always have to trust that the hoodie has an ulterior motive. After what the Patriots have done the past 2 decades how can we still have non believers in Belichick’s genius?

Merry Christmas everyone, we can rest easy knowing the road through Foxborough is one step closer