Jacoby Brissett Could Be An Interesting Option For The Patriots

Tom Brady announcing he will not return to the Patriots next season doesn’t leave the team with many interesting options. With Philip Rivers apparently headed to the Indianapolis Colts, a door has opened for the possible return of an old friend. Jacoby Brissett, will no longer be the starting quarterback in Indy, and he was mentored by Brady’s for almost two seasons before being traded away during the 2017 season to the Indianapolis Colts for Phillip Dorsett.

It may make sense for the Patriots to make a deal for Brissett considering he has already worked with Josh McDaniels in the past, and he knows the Patriots system. Brissett is currently making $15 million a year, and could be a cheap option for the Patriots in the upcoming season if they are not sold on Stidham. Brissett could be used as a 1-year stopgap to keep the Patriots in playoff contention. This would be a much better option for the Patriots, than shelling out $20 plus million for a mediocre quarterback like Andy Dalton.