Is ESPN’s Promotion Of Tedy Bruschi An Attempt To Bring Back Patriots Fans?

What happens when the most hated sports network in New England hires one of the most beloved athletes in Patriots history to highlight their pregame show? Apparently ESPN is trying to find out if they can put a bandage on some of the deep wounds that have caused a great divide with New England Patriots fans over the past decade. Tedy Bruschi will be replacing Charles Woodson on Sunday NFL Countdown.

Now as a lifelong Patriots fan I will never forgive ESPN for any of the bullshit they have spewed about our team over the years. I avoid watching the network and their talking heads with the same precaution I would use to avoid a plague, but that doesn’t prevent me from watching sporting events on their network. Is Tedy enough to get the average fan to watch again? Honestly they could not have made a better choice than Tedy if that is their goal to make amends, but New England fans willing to give them a chance should obviously proceed with caution. This is a clear enemy offering up an olive branch, and they can turn on us again at any moment. I love Tedy and all but they would literally have to fire everyone in their organization and change their name before they have any chance of regaining my loyalty.