Is Bill Belichick Secretly Planning On Exposing Malcolm Butler This Weekend?

Bill Belichick remained tight-lipped all offseason when he was questioned about the benching of Malcolm Butler during the Super Bowl. The reasons surrounding Belichick’s secretiveness as Malcolm Butler has looked completely washed up as he has burned play after play this season. He has been burned for more touchdowns than any cornerback in the league this season after signing a 5 year $61 million deal with the Titans.

Butler was upset when he didn’t get his long-term deal from the Patriots and now we can see exactly why. Belichick obviously knew something. Butler was a product of the Patriots defensive schemes and not the star corner he was making himself out to be. Obviously Butler received some extra praise from Patriots fans for his Super Bowl heroics but Belichick was not buying in at his peak. Malcolm Butler was lit up in the playoffs last year by two mediocre quarterbacks, but it went unnoticed to most fans as the Patriots advanced to the big dance. Butler was a very likeable guy though. My guess is Belichick kept his mouth shut because he didn’t want to to hurt Butler’s standing in Free Agency. It also didn’t hurt to see another playoff team spend a boatload of money on a player that he believed was overvalued. Had Belichick reached the point of exhaustion from the media and given his true reason behind the benching he would have absolutely crushed Butler’s market value.

Now Bill Belichick may very well respect Malcolm Butler as a person but he takes great pride in looking correct and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Patriots completely expose Butler this weekend and try to put up 60 points on the highly ranked Titans defense with the bye week coming up. For all the bullshit Belichick received from the fans and the media after Super Bowl 52 you would have to believe Belichick will do his best to prove them wrong. It could be a long day for Malcolm Butler on Sunday.