Hall Of Fame Safety Ed Reed Wants To Be A Part Of Bill Belichick’s Coaching Staff

Perhaps the most devastating safety of the Brady/Belichick era wants a chance to coach on Bill Belichick’s coaching staff. Ed Reed the Hall of Fame safety who along with Ray Lewis was the anchor of one of the greatest defensive teams in recent memory. He has been a long-term believer in Bill Belichick and has also had a friendly relationship with the hoodie. Belichick has never hidden the fact that Reed is one of the opposing players he admires the most throughout his coaching career.

“I would love for it to just be with the Patriots,” Reed said, via The Buffalo News.
Reed spent some time with Rex Ryan with the Bills in 2016 as an assistant defensive backs coach, but he didn’t buy into the coaching style that was in place.

“I was listening to coaches calling players, ‘Dumb this,’ and [expletives], but you’re not coaching them,” he said. “You’re yelling at them, but you’re not coaching them. You’re mad at them, but you’re not coaching them the proper way. Just ‘paper coaching’ is not the proper way to do it.”

Reed added: “You had people who were just hard-headed, man. Honestly. Just grown men like hard-headed, like don’t want to work with you. I know I have the abilities to be a head coach or D-coordinator. It’s something I wouldn’t mind doing. But it’s tough being a player and going back and doing something like that, because egos get in the way.”

Reed would be a perfect fit on the Patriots. I would love to be a fly on the wall watching Ed Reed and Jerod Mayo draw up defensive schemes for this very talented roster.

Ed is already getting ahead of himself during his Hall Of Fame induction.

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