Devin McCourty Thinks The Media Exaggerated An Earlier Quote By A Ravens Player As Bulletin Board Material

Devin McCourty feels the media exaggerated a quote earlier in the day by Baltimore Ravens tight end Nick Boyle. The claim by numerous websites and social media was that Boyle was talking down about the Patriots defense. If you look at it closely the quote was purely taken out of context, but in the fast paced world of social media, most websites and fans will do anything for a click. Sure it is great to find something to feed off of. Who doesn’t love great bulletin board content? I would love to say this would be useful to the Patriots but as McCourty concedes, this was hardly the same as Jarvis Landry guaranteeing a victory.

Boyle said Wednesday. “We’ll see how good they are once we play them. I don’t think they’ve seen anyone like our offense or like Lamar Jackson.”

Devin McCourty’s response to the quote:

“I saw a bunch of people tweeted the quote at me, and it’s like, “Oh man, he’s talking trash”. I mean, what is he supposed to say?” McCourty said. “Like, “We’re not going to run or throw, we’re just going to come and take 50 knees and concede victory?” Like, I saw what he said. He was right, though. We haven’t seen an offense like this; we haven’t seen a quarterback like this. So, to me, any time you take two good teams and you play them on a Sunday night game, you’re going to get their best shot. We’re going to get their best shot, they’re going to get our best shot, and it’s going to be a battle. “Whoever comes out on top is going to be ecstatic, and for them to have to gear up and go right again next week, we’ll have to then focus on the bye week and how to get better. But for this week, you’re going to have two teams that I would probably go out there to say probably don’t like each other very much, and go out there and try to beat each other. It’s going to be as competitive as a game we’ve had this year.”