Danny Ainge: A True Genius

There isn’t much left to say about this current Celtics team other than something really “special” is happening in Boston right now. Another thrilling victory by the Celtics pushing their win streak to 15 games. It is just mind-boggling to be at this place in the season looking back at the very first quarter of ‘Opening Night’ in the NBA Season when newly acquired all-star Gordon Hayward goes down to a horrific injury.

The Celtics go on to lose opening night and then follow that up with another loss to start the season 0-2 and then you get the infamous Kyrie quote to a fan and 15 games later here the Celtics stand 15-2. There really is no other way to explain how this happened other than credit GM Danny Ainge and his pure genius with creative masterminding and planning over the past couple seasons patiently waiting to piece together a true championship contending force.

Boston fans do not typically enjoy being patient, we want to win always! Trying to follow and support a slow-moving plan is difficult at times. Remember some of the questions/anger to Danny Ainge over some of these decisions?

2013: The hiring of a young, unknown coach out of Butler name Brad Stevens.

Average fan: Who the heck is that?

2014: Trading away the faces of the franchise, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett to Brooklyn for 3 future draft picks. Ainge may not even have known how valuable those picks would become.

Average fan: Just great, now we have to wait 5 years to rebuild and be competitive.

2014-2017 Not trading for Boogie Cousins, Carmelo Anthony, Jahlil Okafor, Paul George, Jimmy Butler, among others. He always had the pieces to pull the trigger on almost any deal.

Average fan: How do you just sit on a pile of assets! He’s afraid to make a splash. Chicken.

2016: Selecting Jaylen Brown with the 3rd overall pick in the 2016 NBA Draft.

Average fan: How do you not make a trade up to get Simmons or draft Hield or trade the pick for a star. This Jaylen kid was projected as high as the 8th pick coming off a not very inspiring Cal team.

Do you remember the TD Garden crowd actually booing Celtics co-owner Wyc over this?

2017: Trading the #1 pick in the NBA draft AND selecting Jayson Tatum with the 3rd overall pick.

Average fan: Two years in a row we botch the draft up. Ainge is clueless sometimes…

Even the true, forever loyal Boston Celtics fan had to at least question some of these decisions. I didn’t even add in the trading of MVP candidate and huge fan favorite IT also in 2017 or the signing of Al Horford in 2016 who is one of the most consistent all-around players in the game.

It is time to believe in the genius and vision of Danny Ainge and enjoy the ride! As the great philosopher Aristotle once said, “There is no great genius without some touch of madness.”

Does the Ainge/Stevens duo seem modeled perfectly similar to one familiar to most people in Boston with a guy name Bill Belichick and an owner named Bob Kraft?

The future of the C’s is as bright as possible and we all owe a thank you to DannyHe has come a long way since his playing days and I’m glad all the life experiences have brought him to the role of GM for the Boston Celtics.

Looking forward to the rest of this season with tremendous excitement let alone the future years to come. What does this season bring?

NBA Coach of the year (Stevens)

NBA MVP (Kyrie)

Team MVP (Horford)

Breakout star (Jaylen)

ROY candidate (Tatum)

NBA Finals MVP (?)