Colin Cowherds Description Of The Patriots “System” Is Spot On

Finally somebody gets it. After years of listening to fans around the league make up every excuse in the book to rationalize in their minds why Tom Brady wins so often but isn’t as good as he appears, Colin Cowherd stuffed them into a closet. There is nothing Tom Brady can do to win over some folks. If you talk about the caliber of receivers Tom Brady had earlier in his career the naysayers will always point to the Patriots defense and Adam Vinatieri as the reasons behind his success. If you are talking about any time after the Indianapolis Colts had the rules altered to give Peyton Manning a chance against a Belichick coached defense then they will blame Brady for having excellent receivers that have carried him for the past decade plus.

When you do it over such a long time and nobody is able to emulate this so-called system then it becomes obvious the reason why it is so successful. You don’t hear anyone shooting down Peyton Manning for playing with Hall Of Fame level receivers and running backs for the majority of his career. There is no system when it comes to Tom Brady’s success with the Patriots. Brady is the system.