Celtics Will Finally Break Out the City Edition Jerseys Tonight, And Damn They Look Good

By Paul Liacos                         November 21st, 2018

This may be just what these Boston Celtics need to turn around this seemingly never-ending slump they have been in over the past few weeks. In my opinion a fresh new jersey like this can make all the difference. If you look good, you play good. Simple as that.

When these uniforms first dropped over a month ago I immediately thought that they have to be considered one of the better looking alternate uniforms of all time. Obviously the Celtics uniform is iconic and you don’t want to mess with the overall style and look too much and these uniforms followed that guideline while still giving a new and stylish feel to them.

Yes, you can say that the NBA just recreates these every year so that we all feel the need to buy a new jersey all the time. to that I say, yes of course they do. It’s one the reasons they are rapidly becoming far and away the most successful sports league after the NFL and its partly because they always are innovating and giving the fans something fresh.
As for me I got one of these Kyrie Irving edition Uni’s in the mail for myself and I can’t wait to throw they sexy thing on.