Celtics are Winners Today. Streak staying intact or not…

There’s something special with this Celtics team and the streak is not the reason for it but a nice bonus. General Manager Danny Ainge has been sitting back and accumulating assets for the past couple seasons while other teams are scrambling and making signings, trades, and other desperate moves that are detrimental for their teams. All the needless moves and bad contracts just to stumble into the playoffs and get destroyed by Cleveland or Golden State or any other team in a given series that gets hot at the right time is not always what is best for business. Ainge utilizing the sit back and watch approach waiting for the right moments to strike always thinking two steps ahead has put this team in the most envious of future positions.

The Celtics have completely rebuilt their team over the past couple season while remaining not just competitive but a tough match-up and not one any team wants to face in a playoff series. The hiring of Brad Stevens to lead the competitive rebuild stockpile assets Danny Ainge project was just pure genius. Coach Stevens excels at putting players in the right position to have the best chance of success. He has a unique ability to build trust and relationships with the players and coaches them to play as one unit and it all begins with the defensive side of the ball.

This is a unique team with a visionary GM in Danny and a young and extremely smart head coach in Brad that has already won NBA Coach of the Year for this year in my book. Add in an MVP Kyrie, All-star Al, sophomore slugger Jaylen, and ROY candidate Jayson, among other young talents and a future version of Hayward. Not to mention that we have more great draft picks coming in future drafts as well as room in the salary cap to make some serious moves.

What team goes to the Eastern Conference Championship and then completely rebuilds their roster and only have 4 players remaining from last year? That is simply amazing!

Win or lose tonight the 2017 Celtics are a gritty, talented, and exciting team destined to rule the East for many years to come!