Brad Marchand Waives White Towel (Flag) in Protest of Phantom Slashing Penalty

Boston Bruins star forward Brad Marchand’s reputation for pushing the limits precedes him and now opponents are learning how to take advantage with their acting skills and embellishments. Last night, Dallas Stars goalie Ben Bishop won the Oscar for acting that he was hurt by a little Marchand love-tap to his leg during the second period. He bent over and grabbed his leg, drawing a slashing penalty and the sarcasm of Bruins announcer Jack Edwards.

The official call on was slashing on defenseman Roman Polak, who skated by Marchand, but there appeared to be only minimal contact there.

Earlier this month, Nashville Predators center Colton Sissons sold that he was high-sticked by Marchand, even though the stick never made contact.To Marchand’s credit, he didn’t overreact as he did with Sissons when he skated toward the referee, fell and grabbed his head to demonstrate the Predators player’s embellishment. That act cost him an additional unsportsmanlike conduct penalty and a 10-minute misconduct.

Marchand being a target by all referees is obviously taking a toll on him as he waives the white flag in submission: