Boston Sports Fans Were Voted Most Hated Fans In The USA

It looks like we are #1 again. According to a recent poll, Boston sports fans dominated the list of all 4 major sports including the NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL. The Patriots and Bruins took the number one slot in their respective sports. The Patriots fan base is the most hated of all. To pass the New York Yankees as the most hated fanbase is something I would have never dreamed of. Embrace the hate, it is a testament to our complete domination over the past 20 years.

As expected 35% of voters said Patriots fans were the most obnoxious fans in the NFL, followed by Cowboys fans at 13.34% and Eagles fans at 9%.

The Bruins fans also made the city proud by being voted as the most annoying in the NHL at 19.74%, with Penguins fans at 14.09% and Maple Leafs fans at 10.93%.

Yankees fans are still by far the most obnoxious in reality but according to the poll Red Sox fans are not far behind them nationwide at 20.77%. Although many of those votes came from the New York/New Jersey area

Celtics fans came in third as the most annoying at 12.16%, the Celtics may not have had as much success as the others but the fans are not shy about showing their pride.

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