Boston Red Sox Hire New Manager

Congratulations to Alex Cora who was announced today as the 47th manager of the Boston Red Sox. Manager Cora now has the reigns and a full offseason to prepare to bring the Red Sox back into the postseason next year and get better results.

As the World Series is set to begin, the Red Sox have now filled their manager vacancy and have already had successful surgeries on their 2 key injured players:

Hanley (left shoulder) and Eduardo (right knee) are in recovery and set to come back stronger in 2018!

David Price could be the Red Sox x-factor as he will be probably be placed back into the starting rotation even though he was successful in relief at the end of this year. He may be better utilized as a hybrid reliever, but with his enormous contract he will need to start.

Red Sox need Mookie Betts to continue to showcase his amazing talents and may need an MVP candidate type season to make a serious splash next year.

Looking forward to April 2018!