Bill Belichick Takes Another Reporters Soul After Questioned About The Patriots Upcoming Matchup With Kansas City

Asking Bill a question has to be nerve-wracking for any reporter.  Sometimes you have to wonder if they ask him things to get a rise out of him. By now anyone who would be asking Belichick questions and knows Belichick at all is likely expecting exactly this kind of answer. Today a reporter asked:

Reporter: “Bill, does it feel like you’re playing for the top seed in the AFC…”

Belichick: “It feels like we’re playing Kansas City.”

Reporter: “Does it feel like…”

Belichick” “It feels like we’re playing Kansas City,” and he quickly gave her the death stare. There is no way in hell Belichick is going to offer up any sort of answer to that question. It’s a dumb question. We’re not even at the halfway point yet. Did he actually think Bill was gonna say, “Yeah, this game has massive implications for the playoffs that don’t start for another 12 weeks? It is only week 6 and you can’t ask him about the possibility of matching up with any opponent later in the season. After all this is a guy that may have kept the pronunciation of his last name a secret for the past 40 years.

When Belichick initially shot him down he should have known better. He’s either extremely dense and thought he was going to be the first to get something out of Bill or has never interviewed Belichick before.