Bill Belichick Gave A Death Stare To A Reporter After Being Pressed Into Questions About Antonio Brown

Every reporter knows that Bill Belichick is not going to give more information than he wants to. There were more media members than usual at Belichick’s latest press conference. Belichick talked quickly about the Antonio Brown situation but was not going to elaborate on it. That is when one reporter tried to press him further and he quickly felt the wrath of Belichick.

Toward the end of the press conference, Belichick got into a noticeably testy exchange with a reporter.

Reporter: “Can you tell us at all about what Antonio Brown has said to you?”
Belichick: “I’m done with that, OK? Anything else on Miami?”
Reporter: won’t go away, sir.”
Belichick: “Any other questions?”
Reporter: “Can you explain what you mean when you’re ‘done with it?’ I mean we’re just trying to find out if he said anything to you about his position and about the allegations.”
Belichick: “And I just answered that question.”
Reporter: “Well, actually you didn’t.”
Belichick: “Actually, I did.”

The conference abruptly ended at that point. One thing is clear, we are on to Miami.