Bill Belichick Claims He Is Unaware Of Any Disciplinary Action Against Josh Gordon

Before Monday nights game against the Buffalo Bills, Ian Rapoport reported that Patriots WR Josh Gordon was going to be disciplined by the team and be kept off the field for the first few series and possibly the opening quarter due to tardiness earlier in the week.

After the game, newly acquired wide receiver Josh Gordon was asked about the situation.

“You know what, that’s going to be a question to ask coach about,” Gordon said to reporters. “As it relates to the game, I was available. That was a plus.”
Added Gordon: “I’ve got to check on everything. I’m not too sure about what’s out there myself. I couldn’t even give you an answer.” Josh Gordon started the game and got his normal reps. Gordon finished with 4 receptions for 42 yards.

Bill Belichick was also asked about the report, and went straight into denial.
“You’d have to talk to whoever wrote that. I have no idea,” he said.

Now one thing is for certain. Bill Belichick is not the kind of guy that would put up with anyone breaking the team rules or being late without a great reason. It is clear that Josh Gordon is on a short leash so my guess is this is a non issue going forward. If Gordon was messing up Belichick wouldn’t hesitate to ship him out of town.