Belichick Is Ahead Of The Curve Once Again: Former Patriots Cornerback Malcolm Butler’s Struggles Continue

Many have questioned Bill Belichick’s handling of for Patriots cornerback and New England Superbowl 49 hero Malcolm Butler over the past year. Initially Belichick bypassed Butler’s wishes of a long-term contract and he went out and spent $65 million on Stephon Gilmore. This clearly shook up Malcolm Butler who was hoping for a big payday, but once again Belichick made the correct move. In his 2 decades with the team Belichick has an impeccable record of getting rid of or bypassing large contracts for players that have made great contributions to the team at the right time. Malcolm Butler appears to be no different. Ever since Butler left for his $61 million deal Tennessee Titans, he has been exposed, while Gilmore has become one of the top corners in the league. The moral to the story is how can we doubt Belichick after he has delivered 2 continuous decades of excellence. Many will always question Butler’s untimely benching in Super Bowl 52 but how can we doubt Belichick’s intentions with his amazing track record? He may have some doubters out there but I will always live by the motto “In Bill We Trust”.

Malcolm Butler has been getting torched all season and last night it was more of the same, as he got burnt for two touchdowns.

Malcolm’s exit from New England was less than ideal but we will never forget his heroics in Super Bowl 49