Are the Celtics Going Zero Dark Thirty on the Hayward Situation?

Call it a conspiracy theory but I’m starting to believe Gordon Hayward may very well be available come playoff time. There have been recent signs to be encouraged of this possibility. He ditched the walking boot a month ago. Now the ankle brace has been off as well for roughly a week. It’s hard to gauge where he’s at in his rehab with limited information coming from the Celtics camp. With the playoffs starting in early April is it inconceivable to think he might be ready?

In reality the Celtics may not just be hopeful of his return. With nothing to gain from it they’re not about to tell us but his return may actually be the expectation at this point. With the lack of detail on his progression this could be one of the best kept secrets in NBA history. Imagine how the rest of the NBA will take the news if the Celtics inform the league that Hayward will be back a week or two before the playoffs begin. With the development of Jalen Brown and the rookie phenom Jayson Tatum an addition of Hayward would tip the scales in the eastern conference. Also keep in mind The Celtics still have $8.4 million available in exception money due to the Disabled Player Exception to add anther player as a result of the Hayward injury. There may be a lot of help on the way coming to Boston before the playoffs begin. The Celtics expectation may not even stop there. If this indeed happens the expectation probably skips right ahead to being NBA Champions immediately rather that hoping for next year. Leave it to the genius Danny Ainge to shock the league with a top-secret plan to make a run at an 18th banner in Boston.