Antonio Brown Says He Wants To Return To The Patriots In His Latest Video

In Antonio Brown’s latest social media video he pleaded his case in a return to the Patriots. Brown was released prior to the date the Patriots believed would free them from having to pay the $9 million dollar signing bonus they agreed to at Antonio Brown’s signing. Obviously given the circumstances, Robert Kraft was looking to cut bait and get away from Brown and the media circus surrounding him. After further review many lawyers and insiders believe the Patriots will be forced to pay it in the end.

Following Brown’s release he had some words for Kraft. I can’t totally fault Brown, if I made an agreement with an employer I wouldn’t be very nice about it either if they said I wasn’t going to get paid. Still, Kraft is very unlikely to reverse course and will probably take the $9 million loss.

Brown is trying to use Pats fans in an attempt to return to Foxborough.

“If you guys follow the Patriots, tell them to call me. They still gotta pay me so might as well let me earn it.”